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Waste heat regeneration dryer

Short Description:

Waste heat regeneration dryer is a new type of adsorption dryer, which belongs to variable temperature and pressure swing adsorption. It directly heats and regenerates the desiccant by using the heat of high-temperature exhaust of air compressor, so that the adsorbent can be completely regenerated. Therefore, it can make full use of its own energy and has energy-saving effect.

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Product Introduction

The compressed air waste heat regeneration dryer is a double tower structure, and the tower is filled with adsorbent. When one adsorption tower is in the drying process, the other adsorption tower is in the desorption process.
The compressed air waste heat regeneration dryer is mainly composed of the following equipment: two alternately used adsorption towers, a set of silencing system, an air cooler, a set of vapor-liquid separator, optional auxiliary electric heating system, a set of switching valve, a set of control system and air source processing unit, etc.

Technical Features

it adopts the world's advanced microcomputer controller, which can realize communication and joint control, with excellent performance.

high quality butterfly valve is selected, with rapid switching, accurate and reliable action. The gas diffusion device is adopted, the air flow in the tower is evenly distributed, the unique filling mode, and the service life of the adsorbent is long.
The regeneration process uses the waste heat of the air compressor, and the regeneration energy consumption is low. The overall layout is reasonable, the structure is compact, the installation is simple, and the use and maintenance are convenient.

Technical Indicators

Air handling capacity: 20 ~ 500nm / min working pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0MPa
1.0 ~ 3.0MPa products can be provided according to user requirements)
Air inlet temperature: ≤ 110 ℃ ~ 150 ℃
Dew point of finished gas: ≤ - 40 ℃ ~ - 70 ℃ (atmospheric dew point)
Control mode: microcomputer automatic control
Working cycle: 6 ~ 8h
Regeneration gas consumption: ≤ 1 ~ 3%

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