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Gas purification Equipment

  • Carbon carrier purification unit

    Carbon carrier purification unit

    +Good stability, Oxygen content is strictly controlled below 5ppm.
    +High purity, Nitrogen purity≥99.9995%.
    +Low water content, atmospheric dew point≤-60℃.
    +No hydrogen, The process is suitable for hydrogen and oxygen with strict requirements.

  • Nitrogen Purification Equipment With Hydrogenation

    Nitrogen Purification Equipment With Hydrogenation

    Purification process is combined with two kinds of high efficient catalysts, Hydrodeoxygenation at normal temperature,Removing excess hydrogen(When there is a requirement for hydrogen),The high purity nitrogen were obtained through purification process Removal of water and impurity.

    Technical Characteristics
    + Automatic control of hydrogenation and high automation, Safe and reliable.
    + Using high efficient catalysts, Advanced technology and stable performance.
    + Using safe and reliable control elements , operate reliably.
    + Intelligent interlocking and emptying, a variety of fault alarm, Users find and solve problems in time.
    + Dehydrogenation at normal temperature,no activation,wide range of deoxgenation.