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Principle of PSA nitrogen production

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Carbon molecular sieve can simultaneously adsorb oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and its adsorption capacity also increases with the increase of pressure, and there is no obvious difference in the equilibrium adsorption capacity of oxygen and nitrogen under the same pressure. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve effective separation of oxygen and nitrogen only by pressure changes. If the adsorption velocity is further considered, the adsorption properties of oxygen and nitrogen can be effectively distinguished.

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The diameter of oxygen molecules is smaller than that of nitrogen molecules, so the diffusion speed is hundreds of times faster than that of nitrogen, so the speed of carbon molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen is also very fast, adsorption about 1 minute to reach more than 90%; At this point, nitrogen adsorption is only about 5%, so it's mostly oxygen, and the rest is mostly nitrogen. In this way, if the adsorption time is controlled within 1 minute, oxygen and nitrogen can be initially separated, that is to say, adsorption and desorption is achieved by pressure difference, pressure increases when adsorption, pressure drops when desorption. The difference between oxygen and nitrogen is realized by controlling the adsorption time, which is very short. Oxygen has been fully adsorbed, while nitrogen has not had time to adsorb, so it stops the adsorption process. Therefore, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production to have pressure changes, but also to control the time within 1 minute.


1- Air compressor; 2- filter; 3 - dryer; 4-filter; 5-PSA adsorption tower; 6- filter; 7- Nitrogen buffer tank

Product Characteristics

Molecular sieve nitrogen production equipment   High reliability, high performance and low operating cost  Serving the world for nearly 20 years
Acquired a number of patented technology  Perfect on-site gas production solution
EnEnergy saving up to 10% ~ 30%
20 years of focus on product research and development and application, with a number of patented technology, high-quality adsorbent selection, high-performance program-controlledergy saving up to 10% ~ 30%

Ten-year service life

The whole machine is designed and used for 10 years.Pressure vessels, programmed valves, pipes, filters and other main components of the 20-year quality guarantee.
Rigorous design of application conditions
Under the following conditions, the nitrogen making equipment runs stably and continuously at full load.
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C
Ambient humidity: ≤95%
Large gas pressure: 80kPa ~ 106kPa
Note: it can be specially designed in the above working conditions
Easy installation and maintenance
Compact and reasonable modern industrial design, optimized modeling, fine technology, compared with other nitrogen production equipment has high reliability, long service cycle, equipment installation covers a small area, easy installation and maintenance.

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