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Carbon carrier purification unit

Short Description:

+Good stability, Oxygen content is strictly controlled below 5ppm.
+High purity, Nitrogen purity≥99.9995%.
+Low water content, atmospheric dew point≤-60℃.
+No hydrogen, The process is suitable for hydrogen and oxygen with strict requirements.

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Both catalytic deoxidation and chemical deoxidation require the use of hydrogen, but in some areas there is a lack of hydrogen sources, ammonia cracking and other ammonia production facilities are specially set up, production environment does not allow or users are unwilling to use, therefore, we use combustion-type Carbon Deoxidizer to make impurities in ammonia and carbon in deoxidizer produce oxygen

Basic Info

Model NO.: 10 to 200000NM3/min
Material: Carbon Steel
Deeply High-Purity 99.999% carbon carried nitrogen generator for sale
Under certain temperature, the residual oxygen in nitrogen is oxidized with carbon supplied by carbon catalytic agent.C+O2=CO2, removing by the pressure swing adsorption,and deep dehydration. Obtain The high purity nitrogen.

Key Specifications/Special Features

1  capacity:  10-20000Nm3/min
2 Nitrogen purity: 299. 9995%.
Nitrogen Pressure. 0.1-0.7MPa(adjustable)
3 Oxygen content ≤5ppm
4 Dust content: ≤0.01um
5 Dew point: ≤-60°C.

Processing Steps



Widely used in metallurgical coal, power electronics, petrochemical, biological medicine, tire rubber, textile chemical fiber, grain depot, food preservation and other industries


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