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Medical Oxygen Generator, medical oxygen making equipment, medical oxygen making machine

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Medical oxygen generator with pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology as the foundation, to extract oxygen from the air of the new equipment, the use of molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technique in molecular sieve oxygen generator in loading, when the pressure in the air can be nitrogen adsorption, the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected, become namely after purification treatment of high purity oxygen. The specific working process is that the compressed air is purified by the air purification dryer and then enters the adsorption tower through the switching valve. In the adsorption tower, nitrogen is adsorbed by molecular sieve, oxygen is accumulated at the top of the adsorption tower into the oxygen storage tank, and then through the odor removal, dust removal filter and sterilization filter filter is qualified medical oxygen. The main components are: air tank, air compressor, cold drying machine, oxygen host, oxygen tank and so on.

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Oxygen generator is suitable for oxygen therapy and health care in medical institutions and families.
The main uses are as follows:
1. Medical function: Through providing oxygen to patients, it can cooperate with the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,
Respiratory system,. Chronic obstructive pneumonia and other diseases, as well as gas poisoning and other serious hypoxia.
2, health care function: improve the oxygen supply to the body through oxygen, to achieve the purpose of oxygen health care. It is suitable for the elderly, poor physique, pregnant women, college entrance examination students and other people with different degrees of hypoxia. It can also be used to eliminate fatigue and restore physical function after heavy physical or mental consumption.
3, oxygen generator is suitable for small and medium-sized hospitals, clinics, health stations and so on in cities, villages, remote areas, mountainous areas and plateau. At the same time, it is also suitable for sanatoriums, family oxygen therapy, sports training centers, plateau military stations and other oxygen places.

Product Advantages

Molecular sieve oxygen generator is an advanced gas separation technology
Physical method (PSA method) directly extract oxygen from the air, which is ready to use, fresh and natural, the maximum pressure of oxygen production is 0.2~ 0.3mpa (that is 2~ 3kg), there is no danger of high pressure explosive.

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