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Container Type Oxygen Generator, container type oxygen generator

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A container type medical application oxygen generation system, including a base plate (1), its characteristics is described on the floor (1) is equipped with air compressor (2), as described in turn connect air compressor (2) purification unit, air buffer tank (4), oxygen generator (5), process tank (6), oxygen compressor (7) and an oxygen tank (8), The purification unit comprises a cold drying machine (26) and a purification machine (3); The cold drying machine (26) and purification machine (3) connecting the pipeline is provided with a precision filter (9); The air compressor (2), oxygen tank (8) and oxygen compressor (7) are located on the same side, the purification unit, air buffer tank (4), oxygen machine (5) and process tank (6) are located on the other side; The bottom plate (1) is also provided with a central control system (15).

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Product Details

According to the oxygen generation system of container medical shelter mentioned in Requirement 1, its characteristics are that the bottom plate (1) is respectively provided with a door plate (10), a front plate (11), a front side plate (12), a rear side plate (13) and a top plate (14). The bottom plate (1), door plate (10), front plate (11), front side plate (12), rear side plate (13) and roof (14) form a sealed container body. The front side plate (12) is provided with an air inlet (21) and an air outlet (22), and the air outlet (22) is located at the upper end of the air compressor (2).

According to the container medical shelter oxygen production system mentioned in Requirement 1, the air compressor (2) is located on the air pressure base frame (20), and the distribution box (16) is arranged on the air pressure base frame (20).


Product Advantages

The utility model has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient movement, fast operation and small occupation area, adopts the movable container sealing structure, the air compressor, purification machine, air buffer tank, oxygen generator, oxygen tank and central control system are arranged on the container together, and can be widely used in the field of medical and health system.

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